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OSCC 75th Anniversary

The Old Scotch Cricket Club recently celebrated its 75th Anniversary with an event at the MCC Committee Room. The night of festivities included the introduction of new Life Members (list below), announcement of the 2023-24 season awards and the Team of the Last 25 Years. A massive thank you to the committee, speakers, attendees and all who made the evening such a memorable celebration of this momentous milestone in our club's history.

2023-24 Season Awards

Sam Shearer

1XI Batting & Bowling Awards​

Bill McNaughton Perpetual Trophy​

Club Champion Award

Season Stats: 361 runs @ 25.79​, 32 wickets @ 13.5​, 6 catches

Tom Edney

Rick Western Perpetual Trophy​

Season Stats: 211 runs @ 26.38, 3 catches​

Ed Shearer

2XI Batting Award

Season Stats: 259 runs @ 21.58​

Oliver McLeish

2XI Bowling Award

Season Stats: 14 wickets @ 22.21​

Team of the Last 25 Years:

1. M. Mitchell (wk)​

2. T. Hosking​

3. S. Shearer (c)​

4. R. Ashton (vc)​

5. T. Murray​

6. T. Orr

7. G. Dick​​

8. W Clark​​

9. A. Jones​​

10. W. Hays​​

11. G. Bennett​​

12. W. Bonwick

Peter Ashton

Played 1980-2000

President of the Club 1988-1991

First XI Captain 1983-1988

2x First XI Batting Awards

Member of the OSCC Greatest Team 1949-1999

Doug Lording

Played 1965-1989

President of the Club 1978-1984

First XI Captain 1978-1980

Member of the OSCC Greatest Team 1949-1999

Mark Patterson

Played 1980-2000

President of the Club 1991-1995

Secretary of the Club 1986-1991

First XI Captain 1991-1993

First XI Batting Award 1991

Don Parton

Played 1995-2010

Secretary of the Club 1995-2003

First XI Captain 1998-2001

First XI Premiership Captain 1998/99

First XI Batting Award 2002/03

Matt McGregor

Played 1984-2000

President of the Club 1995-1999

Second XI Captain 1988-1992

Sam Shearer

Played 2009-present

Secretary of the Club 2012-2015

First XI Captain & Coach of the Club 2018-present

2x First XI Premiership Captain

5x First XI Batting Awards, 3x First XI Bowling Awards, 6x First XI Best & Fairest Awards, 7x Club Champion Player Awards

3x MCC Division 1 Batting Awards, 2x MCC Division 1 League Bowling Awards, 3x MCC Division 1 League Best Player

7x Member of MCC Division 1 Team of the Season (4x as Captain)

Mark Griffiths

Played 2006-present

President of the Club 2019-present, Treasurer of the Club 2011-2019

Captain of the Second XI in 2011/12

7x Second XI Batting Awards, 2x Second XI Bowling Awards, 2x Second XI Best & Fairest Awards

Club Champion Player 2011/12, Best Clubman 2011/12

4x Member of MCC Division 2 Team of the Season

Alistair Jones

Played 1989-2007

President of the Club 2001/02

First XI Bowling Award 2003/04

Rick Sherwen

Played 14 seasons during the 1980s and 1990s

First XI Captain 1988-1991

3x First XI Bowling Awards

John Stavris

Played 2014-present

Vice President of the Club & MCC Delegate 2015-present

Second XI Captain 2017-present

Second XI Premiership Captain and Player of the Match in 2022/23 Grand Final

2015/16 Second XI Bowling Award, Best Clubman 2014/15

Member of the MCC Division 2 Team of the Season 2015/16

James Parton

Played 1989-2002

President of the Club 2005-2007

4x First XI Batting Awards

Member of the OSCC Greatest Team 1949-1999

Rob Parton

Played 13 seasons

President of the Club 1999-2001

First XI Captain 1993-1997

4 First XI Batting Awards

Member of the OSCC Greatest Team 1949-1999


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