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It was a raucous night at the 2015/16 season award presentation night, as Gary Bennett was bestowed with life membership in recognition of his glorious 25 year career at Old Scotch Cricket Club.

The night put a fitting full stop on what was a magnificent season, where the senior team deservedly tasted premiership success in what has capped off a remarkable turnaround for a club that suffered a near death experience only four years ago.

President Tim Hosking noted in his speech that with player numbers improving and a renewed commitment to striving for continued success, the club is well placed to push for further honours in the coming years. Hosking noted the many achievements from the season past and touched upon the future plans of the OSCC.

Tim Hosking took out the 1st XI batting averages compiling 718 runs at circa 55 for the season. Hosking along with Sam Shearer were inducted into the MCC Team of the Year for the MCC 1st XI competition.

Matt Foskey took out the 2nd XI batting averages. Foskey batted courageously against overwhelming odds for most of the season and displayed telling leadership and undimmed enthusiasm for the contest. The Fozz spoke eloquently about the season and his aspirations for the 2nd XI going forward.

Johnny Stavris spectacularly captured the 2nd XI bowling award and capped off a remarkable summer by being named in the MCC Second Division Team of the Year. He was last heard yelling out "It's better than a six baay-bee!"

Tim Hosking was unsurprisingly club champion, having scaled peaks that most mere mortals can only dream of. What an inspirational player. What an inspirational club leader!

The Clubman of the Year (the great bloke award) went to Benny Summerfield who was an extremely popular choice. Summers bowled with tireless enthusiasm all summer and was always on hand to lend his homespun theories and down-home common sense approach to any given situation. A much loved clubman and teammate.

The night however, belonged to the legend that is Gary Bennett. GB yet again won the 1st XI bowling award, and spoke passionately about his love of the club and game that has made him a legend and a household name across the competition. With the most punchable face, coupled with the most irritating voice across the MCC 1st Division, Bennett has won Old Scotch hearts and gotten into the heads of opponents everywhere he plays. With consummate skill and an always alert mind, Gary Bennett has shown no signs of slowing down in reaping his annual harvest of wickets. And in bad news for opposition batsmen, Bennett has vowed to keep playing until his body falls apart!

Bennett is now a Life Member along with being a six time premiership player and an 18 time winner of the Bowling Averages. The man also maintains that he is not finished yet!

What a legend!

See you all next season!


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