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Right Hand Bat/Right Arm Off Spin


My time at OSCC was without doubt one of the highlights of my year on exchange at Scotch College.


Yes there were many highs, such as taking more wickets than Sam Shearer and being Will Michael for three hours.


Some would ask, were there any lows? Well I can't recall any - apart from a date with the toilet at 6am due to a night with George Dick (a.k.a. Bradley Cooper) at the Christmas Party!


The cricket club at Scotch is full of many different personalities. Can I stress different! With each one complimenting one another on a Sunday afternoon, with the same being said for a Thursday evening when the boys aren't Ritzing!*


The club is full of a great bunch of lads that I hope will make the jump across the equator some time for a Guinness. Who knows, possibly a season end tour to Belfast Dicko?


I would like to thank everyone at the club for getting me involved throughout my time at Morrison Street. I do hope you find a suitable overseas pro that can deliver both on the field and socially.


Stay Classy Scotchies,

Patrick Hamilton (a.k.a. Gerard Butler)


* "Ritzing" is the strange phenomenon of some Scotchies attending a rather dodgy nightclub, "The Ritz". 

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