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Matthew Foskey

Matthew Foskey

Matthew "the Fozz" Foskey is a dynamic top order batsman, a beguiling off spinner and an inspirational captain of the Old Scotch 2nd XI.


The Fozz hasn't allowed the handicap of being born a ranga to adversely effect his cricket, having an innate ability to impart acerbic comments to any brave or foolish opponent who dares sledge him. The caustic content of his free advice cannot be repeated here, but suffice to say, many an opponent has learnt the hard way that you do not poke the bear!


The Fozz has also given every marginalized ranga hope with his miraculous ability to charm the ladies. Dating statuesque catwalk model types, The Fozz defies conventional wisdom that redheads have no friends. The man is extremely marketable with his sharp insight and gift for oratory, but it is with a bat in his hands that the Fozz truly expresses himself. Sadly, this brilliance with the willow has not crossed over to his offspin bowling, which varies from adequate to abominable - often within the same over!


The Fozz is a great guy who will surely win a finals match off his own bat one day soon. A much beloved clubman, the Fozz is in the final stages of a Arts Law  Degree at Monash University and it is safe to say, The Fozz is going places!

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