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Dom McDermott


Dom "Zoolander" McDermott is the quintessential Old Scotch cricketer. He neither excels with bat, nor ball...and he is somewhat underwhelming in the field too. We were compelled to run with these pics of Dom, because no photographic evidence of Zoolander ever actually doing anything remotely useful on a cricket field exists. Come to think of photo's of Dom doing anything remotely useful on a footy field exist either! Dom's skill set (for want of a better term) is heavily geared towards picking up girls and punting obsessively on the nags. Zoolander has a strike rate in bars and Asian hot spots that even Mitchell Johnson would be envious of, but his punting is in the red! The man knows his fillies in a bar, but not on a race track! It has been noted by keen observers that even under a heavy tag in night clubs, Dom manages to extricate himself like a pro and snag the girl. Starting out as a roly poly, puppy-fat kid, Zoolander showed his renown mental toughness to sculpt his body into the magnificent edifice it is today. Dom credits all his success to a seminal meeting with a prepubescent Johnny Stavris in primary school. It was Stava's wise counsel and encouragement that set Zoolander on the path to world domination. Now, if only we can get Stava to word Dom up on cricket skills...


Should you wish to rent Dom McDermott for any particular assignment, you can contact him via his handlers...errrr, modelling agency:

Dom McDermott

The above photos are courtesy of Vivien's Models

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