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Cam MacFarlane


Cam "Gacked" MacFarlane has the deranged countenance of a serial killer. That he is a fast bowler should surprise no one as he exhibits all the sociopathic and psychotic tendencies that all fast bowlers possess to lesser and greater degrees. But, to write off Cam as some kind of insane madman would be most unjust. Rather, Cam has all the hallmarks of the sociopath, in that he is charming, knowledgeable and extremely good company. But, lurking beneath the surface is the true hallmark of a ruthless, cold, calculated natural born killer. The Holmes and DeBurger study (as cited in Bartol & Bartol, 2011) shows three typologies for consideration that Cam fulfills:


1. Visionary: Based upon a vision that a certain group (like batsman) must be destroyed. (Most often psychotic).

2. Mission oriented: Like the above but with no voices or hallucinations.

3. Hedonistic: Thrill and pleasure seeking. Identifies batsmen as objects of pleasure. This group is further sub divided into 3 other subtypes, based on motive.

Lust: Violent gratification.

Thrill: Motivated through inducing pain and fear in batsmen.

Comfort: Based on personal material gain.


4. Power/control: Satisfaction is derived from omnipotence of the act. (Often seek most vulnerable victims, such as tailenders)


Cam is quite a companionable teammate much loved by all, but if you are an opposition batsman - be afraid. Be VERY afraid!

Cam MacFarlane

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